3 thoughts on “Schedule

  1. Pastor Marcos Aquino

    Dear Brother, I just want to know if you have in stock one of you best seller book in latin america titled..”El Fin Se Acerca”, because I got the book but a dog shred it and i can’t found any copy on sale. May the Lord bless your ministry. And Sorry for my poor english. jaja. From Puerto Rico.

  2. Pastor Marcos Aquino

    I think the tittle of that book in english is “seven signs of the end time” because I saw that book with the same portrait.

  3. Melvin Partido

    To Mark Hitchcock

    Your one of the best bible speakers around. I do hope you return to Hawaii again be a guest at our Calvary Chapel Pearl Harbor with Senior Pastor Deraled Skinner.
    If not, I do hope you can have your videos on “His Channel” .
    God Bless,

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