Iran and Israel

The nuclear standoff between Iran and Israel continues to build. The two nations have engaged in a shadow war since 1979, but it threatens to break into open war that could escalate into a regional or even global conflagration. To complicate matters even further, Iran’s mullah regime holds to an apocalyptic, genocidal ideology that justifies the annihilation of Israel and believes it can hasten the coming of its Messiah (the Mahdi) by destroying Israel and the U.S.

Questions abound. How close is Iran to getting the bomb? Will Israel carry out a preemptive strike against Iran? What will happen? What will Hezbollah and Hamas do? Will the U.S. be dragged into the conflict? What could happen to world  oil supply and delivery? Will there ever be peace in the Middle East? What does the future hold?

Iran and Israel is an up-to-date look at these questions and many more that will help you make sense of what’s going on in our world today and where it’s all ultimately headed.

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2 thoughts on “Iran and Israel

  1. Byron

    Understanding some of the things going on between I-ran and Israel (let alone all the other surrounding nations that do not have Israels best interest at heart) something I seen on (u toob or vimeo) of what seemed like a Syrian (Shiite?) shooting down a Russian mig! Listen, I in no way trying to draw our focus away from what I-ran is doing but if this is so (Syrian shooting/mig) this seems big or it too maybe a diversion or Isaiah 17:1… ! One thing I can say w/out doubt is that this age of grace is quickly shrinking and the Lord is removing His hedging of support from this once great nation! I thank the Lord for His power and hedging He has around us, I do think (maybe) some of us may be dragged out and persecuted like many of our brothers & sister’s around the world! Then I ponder on what our Savior went through in the garden of Gethsemane the night before the cross. Those who were closes to Him fell asleep and finally the Lord sent angels to minister to Him. It kind of changes ones perspective which brings me (us) to Hebrews 13:6…


  2. Brian

    Hello Mr. Mark Hitchcock. I got to hear an older radio interview that you did with the Janet Mefford Show. I had a question regarding Daniel 7 and the 10 horns. I looked at a commentary I had and it says that the “horns” are kings or kingdoms. I found this interesting because I came across an issue pertaining to the United Nations and the issue of “sustainable development” and specifically something called Agenda 21. I forgot where but I remember seeing a lecture or interview where someone said that it was the goal of the UN or Agenda 21 to divide up the world into ten regions (this is where also the talk of the North American Union comes up and the goal of uniting Canada, U.S. and Mexico as the NAU.) Reading and hearing about Daniel 7 and the 10 horns or kings or kingdoms sounds like it would match up with the goal of creating 10 regions. I was wondering what your thoughts are on that? thanks.

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