The Amazing Claims of Bible Prophecy

the amazing claims of bible prophecy

Almost everywhere you go today it’s there. Deep-seated fear.  A brooding sense of uneasiness. Fear about the future, pandemic plagues, the economy, war, monstrous natural disasters, nuclear weapons falling into the wrong hands and even the environment. The world today is headed for continuing crisis in the Middle East and probably here at home. No one knows exactly what form the crisis will take, but as always, people will begin to ask the big questions—Is this the end? Are we approaching Armageddon? Are there any real answers? Is there a reliable guide to what the future holds? Is there any way for certain to know what the future holds? Is there a sure word about tomorrow? Is there any possibility of hope or are we all doomed?

Modern man is asking questions about the future as never before. They are solemn questions; they are searching questions. The Bible is certainly the best place to look for answers. Many biblical prophecies have already been fulfilled with stunning accuracy and others are coming true right before our eyes, or at least the stage is being set for their fulfillment. Even the most skeptical person can put these prophecies to the test by noting the literal, precise fulfillment of past prophecies. For this reason, biblical prophecy is being discussed more than ever before. In these prophecies it’s possible to probe for clues to find where we are in God’s program and the predicted events that may occur in our lifetime. Prophecies, which in the past were sometimes brushed aside as too incredible are now being studied again.

Unlike the self-proclaimed prophets of yesterday and today, like Nostradamus, Edward Cayce, or Jeanne Dixon, Jesus and the biblical prophets did not peddle vague and general predictions that could be adjusted to any situation. The prophecies recorded in the Bible are detailed and intricately interwoven.

Most people have probably never considered the fact that more than one-fourth of the Bible was prophetic at the time it was written. The Bible is a book of prophecy. It contains about one thousand prophecies, about five hundred of which have already been fulfilled down to the minutest detail. With this kind of proven track record of 100 percent accuracy with five hundred prophecies, we can confidently believe that the remaining five hundred yet-to-be-fulfilled prophecies will also come to pass at the appointed time. Someone has well-said, “we don’t believe in prophecy because it’s contained in the Bible, but we believe in the Bible because it contains prophecy.” Prophecy is the most credible proof of the uniqueness and divine inspiration of the Bible. Its importance can hardly be overstated. Fulfilled prophecy validates the Bible and all the precious truths it contains. Think about it. If hundreds of biblical prophecies have been meticulously, accurately fulfilled, then it stands to reason that what the Bible has to say about other things—such as the nature and character of God, creation, the nature of man, salvation, and the existence of heaven and hell—are 100 percent accurate as well. It also demonstrates that the Bible’s content is not man-made but rather has its origins outside our own time-space continuum.

The God of the Bible is so certain that only He can foretell the future that He issues a challenge to any would-be rivals to His place of supremacy in the universe. The basis of the challenge is that only the true God can accurately predict the future. Read what God says about His unique ability to forecast the future.

     Isaiah 41:21-24

‘Present your case,’ the Lord says. ‘Bring forward your strong arguments,’ The king of Jacob says, Let them bring forth and declare to us what is going to take place; As the former events, declare what they were, That we may consider them and know their outcome, Or announce to us what is coming; Declare the things that are going to come afterward, That we may know that you are gods; Indeed, do good or evil, that we may anxiously look about us and fear together. Behold, you are of no account, And your work amounts to nothing; He who chooses you is an abomination.

Isaiah 42:9

‘Behold, the former things have come to pass, now I declare new things; before they spring forth I proclaim them to you.’

Isaiah 44:6-8

‘Thus says the Lord, the King of Israel And his Redeemer, the Lord of hosts: ‘I am the first and I am the last, and there is no God besides Me.

Daniel 2:20-22

Daniel said, ‘Let the name of god be blessed forever and ever, for wisdom and power belong to Him. It is he who changes the times and the epochs; He removes kings and establishes kings; He gives wisdom to wise men and knowledge to men of understanding. It is He who reveals the profound and hidden things; He knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with Him.

 The simple purpose of The Amazing Claims of Bible Prophecy is to demonstrate the reliability and 100 percent accuracy of the Bible in predicting stunning events that have already come to fulfillment and its reliability, based on this proven track record, to foretell astonishing events that are still future and to give us assurance and hope in these perilous days in which we live.

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22 thoughts on “The Amazing Claims of Bible Prophecy

  1. Gary Powell

    Mark, I am so glad to find your blog! I have read a couple of your books and am currently reading, I know it is an “oldie” by some standards, The Truth Behind Left Behind. Thoroughly enjoy and appreciate it! I was reminded, as many today are starting to wonder if the God/Magog Invasion will happen before the rapture that this happens apparently while Israel is living in peace. Sounds more like the first half of the tribulation than today. Anyway, thanks again for your stand for Jesus and watching for the signs of our Lord’s SOON return! May he continue to bless you!

  2. Amir

    I went to the bookstore today and prayed for a book that talked about the reliability of the Old Testament and the Lord showed this book to me. Not only does it show the reliability of OT through prophecy but talks about NT prophecies as well. Praise the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ for this!

  3. John Sharp

    Mark, I’ve read several of your books and appreciate the work your doing and your Ministry of Prophecy, but a red flag goes up in my mind for a couple reasons. First, i’m a little troubled by the speed with which you are turning out these books and the fact that they aren’t really telling us anything new. There is a great hunger by some for prophetic end times information and I hope your heart is in the right place about it and it’s not just about turning out a bunch of books and making some money off of these Bible Prophecy information starved people. Only God knows for sure. Second, I don’t understand why you never mention Isaiah 17.1 or Psalm 83. When I was reading this book and saw that it just went right into the Gog Magog Ezekiel 38-39 War, I shut the book. How could any one with your level of understanding not know something about Isaiah 17.1 and Psalm 83? Even if you don’t believe anything about them, they are worthy to be analyzed and mentioned. You just can’t ignore them. Surely you have read Isralestein by Bill Salas. It makes amazing sense. You being an expert of God’s Prophetic Word, I woud urge you to write something about these scriptures.

    I speak these things not in a mean spirited way, but in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord,
    Respectfully, John Sharp

  4. Mark Hitchcock Post author


    I appreciate your comments and your concerns. I realize that I have published a number of books, but I try to put a great deal of thought and work into each book, and I try to write books that deal with real questions people are concerned about. I understand what you are saying, but I have to balance that with taking full advantage of the opportunities the Lord is graciously giving me. I also do my best to keep my motives in check, but like everyone else, I struggle to always keep them pure.

    Concerning Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17, as you note, Bill Salhus has done a nice job of bringing Pslam 83 to light. One of my areas of expertise has been in Ezekiel 38. I was the first one I know of (back in the early 1990s) to identify the nations there with modern Islamic nations. The problem with Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17 is that neither prophecy gives any indication of when it will be fulfilled. Ezekiel 38 tell us that it will be fulfilled when Israel is at rest in the land. I believe this refers to the first half of the tribulation. Many are saying taht Psalm 83 has to be fulfilled before Ezek 38, but there is nothing in the text that says that. This may be logical and fit what we see today, but nothing in the text tells us when it will occur.

    However, I will keep your suggestion in mind, and may include something about Psalm 83 and / or Isaiah 17 in future writing, but up to this point I think others have done a good job and have felt no leading from the Lord to add to what has been said.



  5. John J Graham

    There is a lot of hype about 2012 these days.Are you familiar with the prophetic patterns of the 1979-81 Iran hostage crisis that lasted 444 days and America’s 40th president,Ronald Wilson Reagan?As a matter of fact the numbers 444,666,1260,1221,2112,and the year Mr.Reagan was born in and the year he died in have prophetic significance.The Sept.11th terror attacks in 2001 do also.These coincide with the rebirth of Israel in 1948 and reveal 70 year patterns that started in the year 1948.A couple of nuggets on these are;Mr. Reagan was born on Feb.6th,the 37th day of the year.He has 18 letters in his name,6 in each of his 3 names.37 x 18 = 666.He was sworn in as the 40th president on Jan.20th,1981.This was 33 years after 1948.37 years forward from 1981 is 2018,or 444 months.The number 33 x 37 = 1221.In 1944 and 1948,Mr. Reagan was 33 and 37 years old respectively.The numbers 44 x 48 = 2112.He turned 70 years of age 17 days after his swearing in on Jan.20th,1981.The number 70 x 18 = 1260.This is the number of days the beast will reign in the 2nd half of the tribulation period.He died on June 5th,2004.This is the 37th anniversary of the start of the 1967 six day war.From 1948 to 2018 is exactly 70 years.The Sept.11th terror attacks occured 53 years after 1948.53 years + 17 years = 70.53 x 17=901.The events of 9/11 happened in the 9th month,Sept.,in the 1st year of the 21st century.The number 901 also corresponds with Rev.9 vs:1,and the 5 month locust plague.New York City is a city of 5 boroughs and the Pentagon is 5 stories in height above the ground and has 5 sides to it.The first and last flight numbers of the hijacked aircraft were 11 and 93.Multiplied,it = 1023.Ronald Reagan was born in 1911 and died at age 93.Multiplied,it = 1023.The terror attacks in Beirut,Lebanon took place on Oct. 23,1983.Once again,the number 1023.This one has a 70 year pattern to it also.What this is revealing is(1)this could be fulfilled very soon,and(2)Iran has something to do with this coming Antichrist!

  6. Just me

    Hi. I would like to now what brother Mark Hitchcock teaches in regards to eschatology since he had a Prophecy Conference. Where does he put Isaiah 2 and Micah 4 in a time chart? Isaiah 2 and Micah 4 have to be fulfilled in the last days and not in the millennium, since it says “in the last days” and not “in the millennium”.

  7. Robo

    dear pastor,

    I have been listening to your sermons and has been a blessing to me.

    Recently, I have also listened to the following sermons by Doug Batchelor

    The sermons are based on the bible, nevertheless gives a different understanding.
    of the Rapture(Post-Trib), Why Sabbath is on Saturday,Two Beasts in Rev13 (1st – Papacy, 2nd USA), and so on.

    Would like to know what is the truth? 2 Timothy 4:2.

    In Christ,

  8. Roslyn Farmer

    Mark, I have some questions about prophecy I hope you can answer. First, some aspects of Jesus’s earthly life were parallel to Israel’s history, e.g. “out of Egypt I called my son”. Why is this the case? In mirror image of this, does Israel’s diaspora of almost two thousand years parallel Jesus’s almost two days in the grave (from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning)?

    My last question: Babylon the Great is described as sitting on many waters, and as controlling world trade. According to George Friedman’s, “The Next 100 Years”, the U.S. is only now coming into fullness as the world’s leading power, and will hold that position for most, if not all, of this century – and that the U.S. currently has its navy sitting on all the world’s oceans and seas, and with that could, if it wanted to, control world trade. Could the U.S. be the future Babylon?

  9. Bill

    Mark, I watched you talk on God TV ‘getting ready for the judgment seat of Christ’. I liked it a lot and am trying to find a DVD so I can give it to my daughter to watch/study. The only place I have been able to see it mentioned this is on the International Prophecy Conference, as part of a set for over $100. I cannot afford that much. My question is can I find this somewhere else? Thanks

  10. Jean Chappel

    Hi Mark, I lead a small bible study group and several in the group wish to study Revelations. I was hoping you would be able to make a recommendation to me. Thank you in advance. Jean Chappel

  11. Carmella

    Awesome! You are truly blessed. I am not political at all and wanted to gain more insight on the detail
    and events of the world and The Book of Revelations.
    I have searched for an easy to read, up to date book
    that I could understand quickly. Your book does that. It presents the facts, shows the passages,
    the interpretations and your energy comes through
    I would like to use your book as a major reference to groups who want to learn about The End Times- these are not for fee.
    Awesome – I hope your write more about the Shaft as I am working on poems and prouse that tell of the Shaft as it is open – not as in Revelations but demons go to and fro about this earth daily- people have seen them and I unfortunately experienced seeing one – which after I read your book- the impression in the snow and me seeing him go ‘down’ -into the spring area outside my door- now makes perfect since- it has bewildered me for years. Anyway – write about the shaft.
    carmella 🙂

  12. pete okuhira

    Dear Mr. Hitchcock,

    please to meet you sir. my name is pete and i have been studying eschatology regarding the end-times prophecies of the Scripture for more than 7 years now. i am fully convinced that the rapture will take place before the 7-year tribulation period, the coming of the antichrist and the false prophet, the last 3 1/2 years of the great tribulation period, and the Second Coming of our LORD and Savior JESUS CHRIST. however, about few days ago i got into an argument with one of my sisters in CHRIST on facebook, regarding the end-times prophecies of the BIBLE. she claims that the rapture has not supported by the SCRIPTURES because she believes there’s no evidence supporting the rapture, despite quoting 1 Thessalonians. also she further argues that the coming antichrist is false and that some of the early members of the church had conspired to twist the Word and make it so that people will fear and live accordingly to what the church told people what to do. in other words, futurism was invented by papal rome for total control of it’s people. this is what she had told me:

    ” I think you should read the following. It is a quote on something i realized you were mixing up above: So how did this false teaching come into play, as was never taught or spoken of …by Christ, was never believed in by the apostles or Paul or the early church, nor the Reformers. How and where did it come from, well, it is essentually a lie invented to fight the truth, to deflect what the Bible teaches showing who is the Antichrist. In order to stop the Reformation and the understanding of prophecy, supporters of Papal Rome invented a counter-interpretation called Futurism. Now lets see who they were and how it happened. At the Council of Trent, the Jesuits were commissioned by the Pope to develop a new interpretation of Scripture that would counteract the Protestant application of the Bible’s Antichrist prophecies to the Roman Catholic Church. Francisco Ribera (1537-1591), a brilliant Jesuit priest and doctor of theology from Spain, then came up and published a commentary on the Revelation as a counter-interpretation to the prevailing view among Protestants which identified the Papacy with the Antichrist. Ribera applied all of Revelation but the earliest chapters to the end time rather than to the history of the Church. Antichrist would be a single evil person who would be received by the Jews and would rebuild Jerusalem. Ribera was thus placing prophecy in such a way as to obscure the truth many had already began to understand, and deny the Protestant view of the Antichrist —asserted by Augustine, Jerome, Luther and many reformers. He set on an infidel Antichrist, outside the church of God. The result of his work was a twisting and maligning of prophetic truth.

    Robert Bellarmine was an Italian doctor of theology and is best known for his opposition to Galileo and his HELLiocentric theory. He also wrote a book in Latin entitled: Disputationes de controversiis christianae fidei, or Polemic Lectures Concerning the Disputed Points of the Christian Belief Against the Heretics of This Time. In these lectures, he agreed with Ribera. This book follows the basic outline of Francisco de Ribera’s book with the reign of Antichrist limited to a few years way off in the future before the end of time.

    In the Futurism system of Ribera and Bellarmine, Antichrist is an evil person who emerges just 7 years before the end of time and causes all kinds of havoc. In the English speaking world, Edward Irving and John Nelson Darby further elaborated on this system by inventing a secret rapture 7 years before the end. Historicism was the primary prophetic viewpoint of the Protestant Reformers which the Catholic church sought to counteract, as it places the Papacy as the Antichrist power. In direct opposition to Historicism, and rising up as a counterattack on Protestantism, was that of these men with their viewpoint of Futurism, which basically says, “The Antichrist prophecies have nothing to do with the history of Papal Rome, rather, they apply to only one sinister man who comes at the end.”

    for further details on how this came to be, please click the link below and read the comments where my sister in CHRIST and myself were arguing:!/photo.php?fbid=200026306698237&set=a.194151633952371.59244.100000726081410

    also, i have another question. why do some end-times prophecy scholars disagree on the rebuilding of babylon in the end-times. people like Hal Lindsey and the staffs from the Midnight Call ministries ( believes that the literal city of babylon in iraq had already been destroyed and never to return “back to life”.

    i just don’t understand why. it’s so obvious that prophecy scholars like yourself, Dr. Thomas Ice, Dr. Grant R. Jeffrey, Tim Lahaye, Charles Dyer and Joel Rosenberg all mentioned and stated in their works about the coming literal city of babylon. why is it that some end-times prophecy scholars don’t believe in the prophecy concerning babylon’s revival?

    i’m so sorry to bother you with this question sir. but it really bothers me a lot and i need evidence to further continue my research and investigations into the end-times prophecies of the Old and New Testaments of the Scripture. thank you very much for your time.

    pete okuhira

  13. A.J. van Meerwijk

    Here in Holland this was the 3rd book I bought of you. Translated in Dutch, of course. For me easy to understand. My question: you wrote in this book that the Lord died on a friday. Is that correct?

  14. Mark Hitchcock Post author


    I can’t explain why people don’t hold my view, because I’m sure there are many different reasons. But much of it has to do with not taking “Babylon” literally, and making Babylon symbolic of Rome since it was the dominant power when John wrote. I disagree with that view, but many excellent scholars hold the Rome view of Babylon.



  15. Mark Hitchcock Post author

    I believe that Jesus died on Friday and was raised on Sunday. There are many who hold to a Wed. or Thurs. crucifixion based on Matthew 12:40, but Jesus repeatedly said that He would rise again “on the third day.” If He died on Friday, Sunday would be the third day. If you are interested in more detail on this I would recommend an excellent book by Harold Hoehner titled “Chronological Aspects of the Life of Christ.”



  16. Mary Sullivan

    I am pleased to announce that my new Christian Website — — dedicated to THE TRUTH of Christ’s Word about His Second Coming and THE RAPTURE is now ready — and that there are 3 currents articles posted on it based on what is happening in our wold today!!! I pray that Christ will encourage you to visit it and to read the articles posted there — as I have studied God’s Word on His Return and THE RAPTURE for over 15 years now — and have written over 300 papers on these topics!!!!

    In His Service!!!


  17. Mark Hitchcock Post author

    I place Isaiah 2 and Micah 4 in the millennium. In the Old Testament the word that is translated “last days” has a broad meaning that includes the messianic age (millennial kingdom) and the days leading up to it (the tribulation).



  18. Anna John

    Dear Man of God Mark
    I am so blessed/privileged to read your views on the Rapture which is immininent by looking at the the world events. There is much precious time is being wasted by all sundry in argueing and counter argueing. Those who seek the truth are at peace with the simple truth explained in the Bible which is God-breathed words of truth. I pray with all my heart sincerely that – the people who ardently wait for the Rapture be prepared at any cost . By contradicting the truth only more confusion and chaos prevails. By the false teaching many souls are being led astray. Let us hope that our Lord shall give wisdom to the children of God so they donot grieve our beloved Lord and his unfailing love. Mara Natha

  19. Sean Osborne

    Dr. Hitchcock,

    In your response to John Sharp above you wrote: “The problem with Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17 is that neither prophecy gives any indication of when it will be fulfilled… This may be logical and fit what we see today, but nothing in the text tells us when it will occur.”

    2 Kings 16 describes the taking of Aram-Damascus by Tiglath Peleser of Assyria in 723 BC. It also tells how king Ahaz of Judah paid for the invasion with gold and silver from the Temple. However, what the text does not say is and what it does say are the key issues for you to consider.

    My question to you is this: Since there is nothing in the text of 2 Kings 16 that says Aram-Damascus “ceased from being a city,” and that it became “a ruinous heap,” then how can you come to the conclusion in your new book (according to Bill Salhus regarding ‘Middle East Burning’) that Isaiah 17 is a fulfilled prophecy?

    How according to your own reasonable deduction about what Biblical text does not say can you make a reasonable argument regarding the historical fulfillment of Isaiah 17 in 723 BC? On the contrary, 2 Kings 16 argues exactly the opposite, that Damascus did not suffer the fate described by Isaiah 17.

    I respectfully request you read a research-based item I have written on the matter of Isaiah 17 being an unfulfilled prophecy. It is found on my Eschatology Today blog as posted this afternoon:
    Isaiah 17: An Unfulfilled Prophecy!

  20. Jacqui Clark

    I have listened to the interview with Jan Markell and read the book 2012 – end of the world. You present a very Biblical and balanced view. Discerning Christians ( I thank God for that) can see the way Satan counterfeits God’s plan and prophecy to deceive. The sad thing is that we are not aware of his schemes. I tend to feel quite alone in my eschatological views, as my local church are Amillenialists. I get very excited and encouraged by studying Bible prophecy, and I feel I cannot share it amongst with my church family. It is very difficult to find a church that enjoys talking about the coming of Christ. Perhaps people get very comfortable in their own life and don’t have that desire to be with Christ, I am not sure. Studying Bible prophecy helps me to understand the character and heart of God, and the love he displayed by sending Jesus, our Saviour. It gives us a bigger picture of Who God is and How powerful and almighty He is. Thank for teaching Bible prophecy, and being so bold in your teaching.

    Yours in Christ
    Jacqui ( Sydney, Australia)

  21. Jacqui Clark

    Jacqui Clark :I have listened to the interview with Jan Markell and read the book 2012 – end of the world. You present a very Biblical and balanced view. Discerning Christians ( I thank God for that) can see the way Satan counterfeits God’s plan and prophecy to deceive. The sad thing is that we are not aware of his schemes. I tend to feel quite alone in my eschatological views, as my local church are Amillenialists. I get very excited and encouraged by studying Bible prophecy, and I feel I cannot share it amongst with my church family. It is very difficult to find a church that enjoys talking about the coming of Christ. Perhaps people get very comfortable in their own life and don’t have that desire to be with Christ, I am not sure. Studying Bible prophecy helps me to understand the character and heart of God, and the love he displayed by sending Jesus, our Saviour. It gives us a bigger picture of Who God is and How powerful and almighty He is. Thank you for teaching Bible prophecy, and being so bold in your teaching.
    Yours in ChristJacqui ( Sydney, Australia)

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